Lucidité passagère

Lucidité passagère Movie Poster

Fred, a professional photographer and womanizer, has no identity. Veronique, a single artist, is looking for a man who will accept her as she is. Mathieu, a nurse who keeps his profession secret, is tormented, forcing himself into a self-imposed solitude to punish himself for a tragic event in his past. Disappointed by the man he's become, Remi quits his job at an advertising agency to devote himself to poetry, which causes the sudden breakdown of his marriage. The destinies of these thirty-somethings in contemporary Montreal cross through random unexpected encounters.

Director: Fabrice Barrilliet, Julien Knafo, Marie-Hélène Panisset, Nicolas Bolduc
Studio: Axia Films
Cast: Hélène Florent, Daniel Parent, Mario Saint-Amand
Writer(s): Martin Thibaudeau

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