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Lovesick - Official Trailer

1,599 Views | 2:05 | Uploaded on Nov 23, 2016

In the charming official trailer for Lovesick, Dash (Jacob Tierney) sits awkwardly in a therapist's office, asking with hesitation, "So, how does this work?" "You talk, I listen," Dr. Goldberg (Ross McMillan) replies simply.

With that sound encouragement, Dash begins to explain his predicament  he isn't over his ex-girlfriend Lauren (Jessica Paré). It doesn't help that he still hangs out with her on a regular basis, despite her being engaged to Mark Adam Jones (Jay Baruchel), who is none too pleased with their continued friendship.

Dash feels like there's no hope for his illness until he meets Nora (Ali Tataryn), a beautiful "binge drinker" who finally helps him realize that he doesn't have to be lovesick any longer. 

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