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1h 33m | Comedy, Drama

Dash (Jacob Tierney ) is a 33-year-old artist who makes a meagre living painting murals. Depressed, he's in denial — he thinks he still has a chance with his ex-girlfriend, Lauren (Jessica Paré), who's engaged to Dash’s nemesis, Mark Adam Jones (Jay Baruchel). Dash, whose friends are fed up with him, is on his own.

When Dash meets spontaneous Nora van Denbrock (Ali Tataryn), things could change for him. She's not perfect — she's an alcoholic who attends AA meetings, but in comparison to Dash, she has it together and would be great for Dash. Unfortunately, Dash's focus is firmly on the past.

Dash realizes he has a problem and decides to book sessions with psychotherapist Dr. Goldberg (Ross McMillan) to help him get through his confusing love problems. Despite repeated heartbreak, Dash just can't get Lauren out of his mind. Trapped in a cycle of unrequited love, Dash has to finally do something to turn his life around.

Director: Tyson Caron
Studio: Eagle Vision
Producer(s): Kyle Irving
Cast: Jacob Tierney, Jessica Paré, Jay Baruchel, Sarah Constible, Ross McMillan, Adam Brooks, Ali Tataryn
Writer(s): Tyson Caron

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