Love's Labour's Lost: Shakespeare in HD

Love's Labour's Lost: Shakespeare in HD Movie Poster

Artistic director Dominic Dromgoole graces the Globe Theatre stage with a revival of a previous critical and popular triumph: his extraordinary production of Love's Labour's Lost. Shakespeare's celebration of the claims of young love is a festive parade of every weapon in the youthful playwright's comic arsenal—from excruciating cross-purposes to silly impersonations, drunkenness, bustups and pratfalls. It's also his most joyful banquet of language, groaning with puns, rhymes, bizarre syntax, grotesque coinages and parody.

The King of Navarre and his courtiers have forsworn every kind of pleasure. But a visit from the Princess of France and her lovely entourage soon has this all-male 'academe' tearing up its own rulebook.

The revival of Love's Labour's Lost provides the Globe Theatre with the occasion to re-weave its enchanting spell over new audiences around the world.

Captured before a live audience at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Oct 2009.

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