Love Ka Tadka (Love Kaa Taddka)

Love Ka Tadka (Love Kaa Taddka) Movie Poster
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Comedy, Romance

When Aditya and his new bride Sonia go to buy a new house, they run short on funds. Aditya's friend Vicky ends up cutting a deal that saves the house for the newlyweds but could mean a big financial loss if they don't keep up the payments.

Just when they think all their problems are over and are about to enter their new house, they realize they are going to be moving in a strictly vegetarian society. Since both are non-veg, they find it difficult to digest the fact but they have no choice.

The real cat and mouse game begins when the Sonia's father who is strictly anti-vegetarian comes in to stay with them. He is not exactly happy with his son-in-law, so as not to upset him any further, Sonia and Adi do not reveal to him that the society is pure vegetarian.

But, this means the two have to smuggle banned food items into the house and keep up the balancing act between the father and the society members.

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