Love By Drowning

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In Theaters: November 6, 2020 (limited)

R | Drama

17 years ago, Val Martin (Colin Egglesfield) was involved in a boating accident with his brother, Davis (Kelly Blatz) that tore his family apart. For Val, those years have been shrouded in guilt he has been unable to face.With his father (Barry Bostwick) now dying, Val is finally forced to confront the past. But can he trust what he remembers?

His search for the truth leaves Val with more questions and only one person with answers - Lee Anne (Nicky Whelan), a women with dangerous ties to events surrounding the accident.

Reluctantly, Val delves back into the darkness that was life with the enchanting and volatile Lee Anne.Driven by her Demons, Lee Anne once again draws Val into her toxic fantasies, threatening to cost him everything - and everyone - including his wife Kazz (Mercedes Mason) he loves.

Cast: Nicky Whelan, Colin Egglesfield
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