Lost and Found: The Films of Arthur Lipsett

Lost and Found: The Films of Arthur Lipsett Movie Poster

Propelled to international attention through an Oscar nomination at the age of 25, the legendary NFB artist Arthur Lipsett remains an anomaly in avant garde film histories. Uneasily oscillating between a personal artisanal tradition and the NFB's institutional mandate to interpret "Canada for Canadians", he was a popular experimental filmmaker whose eccentric, satirical collage films were renowned around the world. The NFB's former "boy genius" was admired by such diverse patriarchs as Stanley Kubrick, Stan Brakhage, and George Lucas and has been compared favourably to William Blake, J.D. Salinger, Glenn Gould, Dziga Vertov and Bruce Conner. Lipsett recognized cinema's ability to reveal the ugly side of life, the things we don't want to acknowledge: the refuse. By pursuing truth within the everyday, Lipsett also discovered beauty in the basic and the absurd. This program brings together Lipsett's first five celluloid compositions - including the Oscar nominated VERY NICE, VERY NICE, A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE, 21-87, FREE FALL and FLUXES.

Director: Arthur Lipsett

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