London to Brighton

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On DVD: August 11, 2009

R | 1h 30m | Thriller

Two women are on the run: one middle-aged and bearing the bruises of a recent beating; the other a wide-eyed, terrified preteen. The older woman, Kelly (Lorraine Stanley), is a prostitute working for Derek (Johnny Harris), a low-class pimp.

Derek has been approached by a wealthy customer with a taste for underaged girls; desperate to satisfy this request, Derek calls Kelly for a lead. As it happens, she can help out, as she has just befriended a panhandling runaway. Semi-disgusted at what her life has become, Kelly nevertheless introduces the bewildered, eleven-year-old Joanne (Georgia Groome) to Derek. Sizing her up and pronouncing her fit for the job, he entices the youngster with the promise of easy cash. Eventually, the two women set off for the rendezvous.

Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Studio: A-Z Films
Producer(s): Al Clark, Ken Marshall, Paul Andrew Williams, Rachel Robey
Cast: Lorraine Stanley, Johnny Harris, Georgia Groome, Sam Spruell, Nathan Constance, Alexander Morton, Claudie Blakely, Jamie Kenna
Writer(s): Paul Andrew Williams
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