L'ombre de la ville

L'ombre de la ville Movie Poster

Rami, a twelve-year-old boy, leaves his village of South-Lebanon, due to a dangerous war taking place there. In Beirut, he finds work in a coffee house directed by a cordial and understanding widow. But when the civil war settles in the city, Rami is traumatized by the assassination of a musician whom he had befriended. Twelve years later, Rami and his father are sent to the front line. Rami manages to escape and join the militia, where he meets Siham, a woman determined to find her missing husband.

Director: Jean Khalil Chamoun
Producer(s): Jean Khalil Chamoun, Thierry Lenouvel
Cast: Majdi Machmouchi, Christine Choueiri, Rami Bayram
Writer(s): Jean K. Chamoun

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