Like Foam (Como la espuma)

Like Foam (Como la espuma) Movie Poster

A flash-mob daytime orgy at a sprawling mansion meant as a friend's birthday gift for its physically and emotionally injured occupant is both the absurd, and heartfelt, setting for this Almodóvar-like film. A rondelay of characters giddily mixing genders and sexual orientations in seamless 21st century style romp, grope and talk their way through shifting constellations of hookups and breakups.

There's Gus, secretly in love with Milo, the disabled gay man whose birthday is the excuse for the orgy. Then there's Jorge, a hot Lothario putting the moves on emotionally vulnerable but suspicious Elisa. A long time couple, Jesus and Marta, are looking to spice things up, but each finds something unexpected awaiting them.

Milo's old flame Mauro drops in, still carrying the torch, mixed in with an even larger cast of innocents, jaded partiers, and gender bending standouts. In the end, everyone is stripped bare (in both senses of the word) to their true, and sometimes surprising, selves.

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