Light It Up

Light It Up Movie Poster

When a favorite teacher (Judd Nelson) is fired for taking his class off-campus at a neglected high school in Queens, New York, it inevitably leads to the accidental shooting of a cop (Forest Whitaker). A group of students­a student council member, a punk-rocker, a hustler, a star basketball player, a gangbanger and a gifted artist­hold him hostage and as a media feeding frenzy erupts, they realize they now how to hold the power to make a statement­and be heard.

Bonding together, they negotiate their right to a decent education. Even the police officer they reluctantly take hostage is compelled to empathize with the students as he learns what brought them here and supports their need to be heard. Ultimately the officer puts his life in jeopardy to help them.

Director: Craig Bolotin
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, Tracey E. Edmonds
Cast: Forest Whitaker, Vanessa Williams, Sara Gilbert, Usher Raymond, Judd Nelson, Rosario Dawson
Writer(s): Craig Bolotin
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