Let it Shine

Let it Shine Movie Poster

Cyrus and his best friend Kris reunite with their childhood friend (and Cyrus's longtime crush), singing superstar Roxanne, whose record label is holding a songwriting contest at a local club. Although Cyrus is shy, reserved and part of a conservative Church family, rap music has always been his passion. On a whim, he decides to enter the contest with a song called "Don't Run Away" and submits it along with a photo of himself with Kris.

On the day of the show, his work is mistakenly credited to Kris and because Cyrus is too shy to step forward, he lets Kris step steal the spotlight, and eventually Roxanne's heart too. The only way for Cyrus to reclaim what's rightfully his is to put aside his self-doubt, reveal the truth and pursue his dreams—all while trying to convince his preacher father that not all hip hop music is bad.

Director: Paul Hoen
Studio: Disney
Producer(s): Amy Gibbons
Cast: Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson, Tamara Arias, Jasmine Burke
Writer(s): Eric Daniel, Don D. Scott
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