Les enfants sont partis

Les enfants sont partis Movie Poster

While out for dinner at a restaurant with his wife Martha's friends, playwright Leonardo starts a fascinating conversation with a neurologist who specializes in the study of what separates fantasy from reality. Recently, the couple's three grown children have left home. For Martha, this gives her an opportunity to return to her studies. But when she makes new friends, she finds herself with less time to spend with her husband.

Feeling somewhat lost, Leonardo resorts to fantasies, in particular imagining himself in bed with his pretty orthodontist. Time passes and the two parents, who miss their children, fly to Israel, where their daughter has settled down with her writer husband, whose emerging talent makes Leonardo feel insecure.

Director: Daniel Burman
Studio: A-Z Films
Producer(s): Anahí Berneri, Daniel Burman, Diego Dubcovsky, José María Morales
Cast: Oscar Martinez, Cecilia Roth, Arturo Goetz, Inès Efron, Jean-Pierre Noher
Writer(s): Daniel Burman

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