Le Prix du désir

Le Prix du désir Movie Poster

Using a pen name to hide behind, Daniel Botanski is a successful author. Traveling to Capri, where he is to attend the wedding of his stepson Fabrizio, he meets Mila, a young woman with whom he spends a passionate night. The next day at the church, he discovers that Mila is Fabrizio’s bride.

After returning to Geneva, where he joins his wife Nicoletta and the newly married couple, Daniel continues his relationship with Mila, in spite of the risks. However, when he receives compromising photographs of himself with the new bride, Botanski becomes the victim of blackmail.

Director: Roberto Ando
Producer(s): Fabrizio Chiesa, Fabrizio Mosca
Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Anna Mouglalis, Greta Scacchi, Giorgio Lupano, Magda Mielcarz, Michael Lonsdale, Serge Merlin
Writer(s): Roberto Ando, Salvatore Marcarelli

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