Le piège d'Issoudun

Le piège d'Issoudun Movie Poster

One autumn morning in a Montreal suburb, Esther drowns her two young children, then unsuccessfully tries to kill herself. In a state of shock, she gets in her car and hits the freeway, hoping to kill herself in a car accident. Before leaving the village of Issoudun, she's stopped by a police officer who realizes that something's wrong.

He gets her to agree to let him take her home, and a bond develops between the officer who has children but doesn't have visitation rights and Esther, a married nuclear engineer who has cracked under life's pressures. When they arrive at her house, he finds the children's corpses and has to make a difficult decision.

Director: Micheline Lanctôt
Studio: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
Producer(s): André Gagnon
Cast: Sylvie Drapeau, Frédérick de Grandpré, Shanie Beauchamps, Pierre-Luc Lafontaine, Ghislain Tremblay, Onil Melançon
Writer(s): Micheline Lanctôt
Official Site: www.le-piege.com

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