Le Marais

Le Marais Movie Poster

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, towards the middle of the 19th century, Alexandre and Ulysses live happy, but reclusive lives at the edge of a marsh. Since childhood, Alexandre was always rejected, wandering from one city to another with his family of nomads, although it did not prevent him from becoming a scholar and a man of great dignity. He took in and educated Ulysses who, because of his physical deformities, also lived the life of a pariah. They live a peaceful existence until the day a strange murder occurs in the nearby village. The superstitious peasants soon accuse Ulysses and Alexandre, because they are convinced that the marsh is the refuge of monsters and evil spirits.

Director: Kim Nguyen
Producer(s): Yves Fortin
Cast: Grégory Hlady, Paul Ahmarani, Gabriel Gascon, Jennifer Morehouse, Alex Ivanovici, Réal Bossé
Writer(s): Kim Nguyen

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