Le Génie du crime

Le Génie du crime Movie Poster
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1h 24m | Comedy

Two small time thugs, Rolly and his son Stevie, take refuge in a second rate motel. Phillie, the drunken manager of the place, insists they pay $60 upfront. Rolly has no cash, so he gives him his shoes as payment. Soon after, Shirley arrives at their room, furious that they disobeyed her orders.

Instead of torching the restaurant of Mike Castle—their boss’s rival—they kidnapped the establishment’s head chef. In other words, Amanda Castle, Mike’s daughter. Amanda manages to get free and persuades Rolly, Stevie, Shirley and even Phillie, to raid her father’s mansion and help eliminate him.

Director: Louis Bélanger
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Cast: Gilles Renaud, Patrick Drolet, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Julie Le Breton, François Papineau, Robert Morin
Writer(s): George F. Walker

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