Le bison (et sa voisine Dorine)

Le bison (et sa voisine Dorine) Movie Poster
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On DVD: October 26, 2004

1h 36m | Comedy

Dorine is the super of an apartment building in a posh suburb of Paris. Pregnant with her fifth child, her relationship with her husband Joel has become very tense. Her new neighbor is inventor Louis Le Bison, a selfish ladies man who lives by night and sleeps by day.

He really doesn't appreciate the fact that Dorine keeps him up during the day with all her activities. One day Joel leaves Dorine to go off with Louis's latest conquest. Desperate, Dorine asks Louis' help to find her missing husband, which he accepts begrudgingly, to no avail.

When it comes time for Dorine to give birth, Louis agrees to take care of her four other children and develops an unexpected bond with them.

Director: Isabelle Nanty
Studio: Pathé
Producer(s): Claude Berri
Cast: Isabelle Nanty, Édouard Baer, Nicolas Marais, Jules-Angelo Bigarnet, Tilly Mandelbrot, Marie Martin, Pierre-François Martin-Laval
Writer(s): Isabelle Nanty, Fabrice Roger-Lacan
Official Site: www.lebison-lefilm.com

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