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Lavender - Official Trailer

1,670 Views | 2:22 | Uploaded on Nov 03, 2016

In the official trailer for Lavender, a child's voice can be heard counting down from five as images of police investigating a crime scene at a farmhouse are featured. When the child's reaches one, we're introduced to Jane (Abbie Cornish), who says, "There's this one house I remember. I don't know if it ever existed or if I'm just trying to remember a place that's not there."

Next, we see Jane driving directly towards a young blonde girl standing in the middle of a road. To avoid hitting her, she swerves. Her car rolls over and it's revealed that the injuries she sustained are serious and related to a trauma from her past. Her memory has been damaged and at the recommendation of her psychologist (Justin Long), she revisits her childhood home to fill in gaps. What she discovers is an eerie history that paints her in a suspicious light.

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