Laughter and Punishment

Laughter and Punishment Movie Poster
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1h 34m | Comedy

Vincent Roméro, a dynamic and brilliant osteopath, is an outgoing person who loves to be the center of attention. But his wife, a nurse named Camille Sétine, gets tired of his jokes and his lack of attention to her, and she decides to leave him.

Vincent refuses to take her seriously and keeps up his antics until one day in a restaurant when a customer literally dies laughing. Shaken, Vincent decides to take a first aid course. In addition, he sets out to win Camille, who is Russian, back by reading Crime and Punishment and by learning gypsy dancing.

Director: Isabelle Doval
Studio: Canal+
Producer(s): Alain Manou-Mani, Michel Propper
Cast: José Garcia, Laurent Lucas, Benoît Poelvoorde, Jean-Marie Lamour, Véronique Picciotto
Writer(s): Isabelle Doval, Olivier Dague, Jean-François Halin

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