La planque

La planque Movie Poster

While en route to the U.S. to conclude a big heroin deal, two small-time traffickers, Martin and Pipo, have to revise their plans and hole up in an empty factory. Frustrated by the thought of their lost time and waiting for help from an accomplice who is late arriving, the two men develop a mutual distrust.

Tension mounts until Pipo decides to hide the merchandise, worried that Martin is planning to take it and run. During the night, while Martin wanders through the corridors of the factory, he makes a macabre discovery - a decomposing body, which turns to be out a friend of his who was reported missing.

Convinced that the murderer is Pipo, Martin decides to get revenge.

Director: Alexandre Chartrand, Thierry Gendron
Producer(s): Alexandre Chartrand
Cast: Martin Desgagné, Pierre-Antoine Lasnier, Marie-Josée Forget
Writer(s): Alexandre Chartrand, Thierry Gendron

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