La ferme des humains

La ferme des humains Movie Poster

It's summer in a residential area of a city on the Rive-Sud of Montreal. Karim, the son of Moroccan immigrants, spends his days on a park bench with his friend J-P, a small time drug dealer. Together, they discuss everything and nothing; watch girls play tennis and make fun of a black biker. Sometimes José, a young lonely neighbor, comes to join them. A visit to one of J-P’s regular customers will have dramatic consequences for the trio.

Director: Onur Karaman
Studio: Domino Films
Producer(s): Onur Karaman
Cast: Karim Jallal, Raphaël Lacaille, Dominic Quarré, Fayolle Jean, Didier Lucien, Hafid Stitou
Writer(s): Onur Karaman

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