La Brune et moi

La Brune et moi Movie Poster

Shot in Paris in 1979 on borrowed gear, LA BRUNE ET MOI -- a play on the French title for the American 50s rock 'n' roll film THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT ("La Blonde Et Moi") -- was shot in one week and a Saturday.

The film stars scenester Anoushka as a young woman who aches to be a "punk rock star" and actor Pierre Clementi (BELLE DE JOUR) as the man who wants her enough to try to make it happen.

Like its American counterpart, the story is a gloriously thin prop in grand rock film tradition for the rockin' performances of amazing New Wave French bands Ici Paris, Artefact, Astroflash, Edith Nylon, The Questions, The Party, Marquis de Sade, Dogs, Go-Go Pigalles, Taxi Girl, Les Prives and more!

An unbelievably rare opportunity to experience punk rock Paris -- brought to North America courtesy of west-coast DJ and filmmaker Pink Frankenstein!

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