Karla og Katrine

Karla og Katrine Movie Poster

Charlotte Sachs-Bostrup directed this family-oriented mystery that attained enormous popularity in its native Denmark, especially among young audiences. At the time of its release, it represented one of several Western European efforts about teen and pre-teen characters playing amateur sleuth.

Elena Arndt-Jensen and Nanna Finding Koppel star, respectively, as Karla and Katrine, two girls caught up in the tumult of early adolescence. Karla, hoping that she and Katrine might forge a closer friendship, invites Katrine to spend the holidays with her. Katrine obliges, but nothing quite turns out as they expect.

Karla soon falls in love for the first time, with Jonas (Joshua Marc Berman) a young boy close to her age. This is all well and good, of course, but Karla becomes so wrapped up in the new romance that she neglects her friendship with Katrine.

These concerns take a back seat, however (and the girls must set aside their conflicts) when a gang of local thieves begins to strike repeatedly, and Jonas and the girls team up to solve the mystery.

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