Kareg An El Qanoon

Kareg An El Qanoon Movie Poster

Are we in control of our destiny? Or are we just tools in the hands of fate? Are we bad by nature or innocent by nature?

These and many more questions have run through his head since he was a little boy and witnessed the death of his own father at the hands of a police after. He found no refuge other than becoming a drug dealer like his old man and his dad's friend, Al Swassi, the man who raised him and made him his right hand.

After the years pass, he discovers some facts that makes him sceptic about whether Al Swassi had anything to do with his father's death... If true... what should he do?... Revenge or forgiveness?

Director: Ahmed Nader
Studio: Ramsis Film America Ltd.
Producer(s): Al Arabia
Cast: Kareem Abd El Aziz, Maya Nasre, Hassn Hosny
Writer(s): Belal Fadel

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