Karate Kallie

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Comedy, Romance

"Karate Kallie" is the story about a chubby 17 year old school boy, Kallie, being bullied by a fairly smaller, arrogant scholar, Frits. Kallie is in love with Frits's sister Annetjie, but will never have a taste of sweet love if he can't defend himself against Frits.

Luckily for Kallie, his tow-truck driving older brother, Mike, whom is hooked on Kung-Fu movies, decides to give Kallie a few pointers in the art of Karate. Kallie's mother on the other hand, keeps a firm eye on the two of them.

This sets off to become a hilarious adventure for Kallie in the quest of getting to know himself somewhat better and to win the girl. In the meanwhile, Mike, is constantly on the run from the police. A great team effort evolves between Mike and Kallie.

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