Judy Berlin

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With his ambitions recently squashed, David Gold has returned home from California to live with his parents. On the day of a solar eclipse, David finally ventures out of the house and runs into Judy Berlin, a former classmate who is on her way to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star.

Struck by Judy's admission of a high school crush, David follows her to her day job at History Village, where they pass the day together reminiscing about their childhood.

In the surreal twilight of the eclipse, David, Judy, and the other inhabitants of Babylon become "space explorers," wandering the streets in search of comfort and companionship.

Director: Eric Mendelsohn
Studio: Blackwatch Releasing
Producer(s): Rocco Caruso
Cast: Madeline Kahn, Julie Kavner, Barbara Barrie, Edie Falco, Carlin Glynn, Bob Dishy, Anne Meara
Writer(s): Eric Mendelsohn
Official Site: www.judyberlin.com
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