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Joshy - Official Trailer

4,003 Views | 2:08 | Uploaded on Jun 29, 2016

The wedding may be off, but the bachelor party is still on in the comedy film Joshy. The trailer for the film opens with a man receiving a call from his friend Joshy, as he finds out Joshy's wedding has been called off — but the deposit they already put on the house in Hawaii for the party cannot be returned.  He asks his girlfriend if he can go, and the screens cuts to the guys already getting together, before her response. A guy's gotta do what guy's gotta do.

They get together in order to help heal the hurt of Joshy's breakup, and are shown having a good time partying with women and spending time in a hot tub. One of the women at the party asks Joshy if he wants to get to know one of her friends, to which he replies, "Does she like desperate, broken men with nothing to offer?" He may have nothing to offer, but you still have the offer to catch the comedy when it opens in theaters later this year.

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