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2.86 / 5

User rating: 2.86

Based on 198 votes and 3 reviews

  • User rating: 2.86 28.50%
  • User rating: 2.86 12.95%
  • User rating: 2.86 12.44%
  • User rating: 2.86 8.29%
  • User rating: 2.86 37.82%

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User review rating: 4 February 22, 2017

Vastly underappreciated Carpenter film blends elements of Kurosawa's RASHOMON, Mario Bava's PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, and his own ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Didn't have much of an ending, but still satisfying.

User review rating: 1 January 19, 2010 frightens me that even a single person on this planet or mars for that matter saw any redeeming qualities in this movie....perhaps the worst acting i've ever seen.....however difficult it is to deliver the worst script ever written....the real mystery is how could carpenter have directed a masterpiece like "The Thing" and everything else he's attempted is complete trash

User review rating: 0 September 01, 2005

I love most John Carpenter movies. "The Thing" was great. However, this movie Ghosts was just about the worst movie I`ve ever seen. Totally ridiculous content and stupid premise + awful, awful acting. On a scale of one to ten - I give it a negative 20 and thats being generous.

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