Jet Boy

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Nathan (Nadon) is not the poster child of typical adolescence. A street hustler, he supports himself and his mother, including her heroin addiction. When she dies of an overdose on his 13th birthday, Nathan is brought to a police station where, before a social worker arrives, he runs away in search of his father.

Witnessing Nathan at the police station is Boon Palmer (Walsh), handcuffed and with problems of his own. After leaving the station he hits the highway, the trunk of his car containing large, secure packages retrieved in the night from the back of a parked vehicle.

At a roadside diner on the outskirts of town Nathan sees Boon for the first time when the apparent drifter stops for a meal. Learning that he is en route to Vancouver, Nathan resourcefully convinces Boon to take him along. On the way they drive to Boon’s hometown, which Boon left twenty years before, never looking back.

Boon is coming back to visit his dying father. While there, he runs into an old flame, Erin (Rowan), whose son Lloyd (Weller) becomes fast friends with Nathan. The events set in motion will force both Boon and Nathan to discover things about each other and about themselves that will change their lives forever.

Director: David Schultz
Studio: Smash It Up Productions Inc.
Producer(s): Nancy Laing
Cast: Dylan Walsh, Kelly Rowan, Branden Nadon, Jordan Weller
Writer(s): David Schultz
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