A suicidal painter in his fifties leaves Mexico City and ends up in a village lost in the mountains. In this arid village, he finds refuge with Ascen, an old, pious woman of mixed race who lives alone, just outside the village, and whose house, her sole possession, is coveted by the members of her family.

The painter doesn’t mix with the others, meditating instead on the relevance of his existence. Only Ascen manages to discreetly penetrate the wall that surrounds him. Little by little, through contact with this wise old woman, the painter’s will to live is reborn, and he rediscovers his emotions.

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Studio: Solaris Film
Producer(s): Carlos Reygadas
Cast: Alejandro Ferretis, Magdelena Flores, Carlos Reygadas Barquin, Martin Serrano, Yolanda Villa, Rolando Hernandez
Writer(s): Carlos Reygadas

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