It Happened in '43 (La lunga notte del '43)

It Happened in '43 (La lunga notte del '43) Movie Poster

This is a dramatic, wartime story about the internecine fighting between Italians who opposed Mussolini during the war and those who supported fascism, even after 1945. Anna (Belinda Lee) is married to an invalid who spends his war years in their home in the Po Valley looking out the window and watching the changes.

Anna begins an adulterous affair with her former lover, and one night the two of them meet to spend some time together. Their meeting was ill-advised in more than one respect because they and others, including her lover's father, are rounded up and accused of being traitors to the Mussolini government.

None of the group of one dozen people are, in fact, resistance fighters but that is not the point. Now Anna and her lover are confronted with an urgent need to escape at all costs since only death awaits them if they remain captives.

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