Island Of The Sharks

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40m | Documentary

It is the largest uninhabited island in the world and the only island in the eastern pacific that has rain forest growth. The caves that dot its hillsides are rumored to hide a fortune in pirate treasure. This is the exotic and mysterious setting for Island of the Sharks.

Award winning underwater filmmaker Howard Hall (Into the Deep) used specially-designed equipment which allowed him to stay in the ocean for hours at a time, enabling him to film never-before-seen footage of exciting marine animal behavior and bring it to the giant IMAX screen. Dive into the waters of Costa Rica’s Cocos Island to experience more sharks per cubic yard of water than perhaps any other place on the planet. Ponder the mystery of why these giant predators gather to form enormous schools. Go head-to-head with manta rays, moray eels, giant sea turtles and marlin and watch hundreds of schooling hammerhead sharks as they swim past you on the giant IMAX screen.
Director: Howard Hall
Studio: IMAX Corporation
Producer(s): Michele Binder Hall, Susanne Simpson
Cast: Linda Hunt
Writer(s): Howard Hall
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