In the Name of the Son

In the Name of the Son Movie Poster

Following the accidental shooting death of her husband, Christian talk radio host Elizabeth receives an on air call from her 13-year-old son. He tells her he’s been molested by their priest, Father Achilles, who has just left for Italy. He also tells her he thinks he might be gay. Elizabeth reacts so badly to the news that her son commits suicide by shooting himself.

Outraged by the Church’s silence regarding the sexual abuse suffered by her son, she murders the bishop who denies the salvation of the adolescent’s soul. Elizabeth then steals the bishop’s list of pedophile priests and goes on a rampage.

Director: Vincent Lannoo
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Lionel Jadot
Cast: Astrid Whettnall, Philippe Nahon, Achille Ridolfi, Albert Chassagne-Baradat, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Lionel Bourguet, Jacky Nercessian
Writer(s): Albert Charles, Philippe Falardeau, Vincent Lannoo

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