In Corpore

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On Digital/VOD: December 26, 2020


A sensual, sex-positive exploration of contemporary relationships, shown through four anthological stories set in Melbourne, Malta, Berlin and New York.

In Melbourne, polyamorous Julia strays from the protocols of her marriage to a monogamous partner; in Malta, Anna hides a secret from her husband Manny; in Berlin, sugar baby Milana alienates her real life lover Rosalie; and in New York Julia faces the consequences of her affair.

In Corpore delves deep into the gray areas of relationships, revealing couples under strain, loyalties tested, and what happens when one partner’s desires deviate from the expectations of the relationship – be it traditional or open.

Director: Ivan Malekin, Sarah Portelli
Studio: Nexus Production Group
Producer(s): Ivan Malekin, Sarah Jayne
Cast: Clara Francesca Pagone, Naomi Said, Kelsey Gillis, Sarah Timm, Frank Fazio
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