Ill Fated

Ill Fated Movie Poster

Earl (Peter Outerbridge) returns to the small B.C. town of his youth, seeking redemption for past sins only to find Jimmy (Paul Campbell), the now teenage son he abandoned years before, desperately trying to get away to college.

Having lost his mother to cancer, Jimmy is presently under the care of his step parents, Stan and Jan, who want Jimmy to stay because he’s their best and cheapest farm hand. Bobby, Jimmy's friend, finds it incomprehensible that his buddy wants to take off on his responsibilities.

To complicate things further, Barb, Bobby's sister, the young woman with whom Jimmy had drunken sex with at a local bush party, claims to be pregnant with his child. Is this a manipulative ploy or the truth? Could this be the excuse that Jimmy has been looking for to avoid the unknown and to concede to the path of least resistance?

With Jimmy speeding towards his destiny, chance brings Earl and Jimmy together for the first time. Though Earl is able to offer his son some advice, is he too late?

Director: Mark A. Lewis
Studio: THINKFilm
Producer(s): Mark A. Lewis
Cast: Peter Outerbridge, Paul Campbell, Nicki Clyne, John Callander, Chris Gautier, Jane Sowerby, John F. Parker
Writer(s): Mark A. Lewis, John Callander
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