If By Chance

If By Chance Movie Poster

Set in contemporary Milan, Tommaso (Fabio Tommasso), an advertising executive, and Stefania (Stefania Rocca), a make-up artist, meet, fall in love and get married. A child is born. Their love is sincere, passionate and strong. Soon, frustrations at work, financial woes and unexpected loneliness all begin to change their relationship.

Gradually Stefania and Tommaso turn into a couple like so many others. They no longer communicate, they fight for no reason, and they eventually stop trying.

Director: Alessandro D'Alatri
Studio: Equinoxe Films
Producer(s): Marco Valsania
Cast: Stefania Rocca, Fabio Volo, Gennaro Nunziante
Writer(s): Alessandro D'Alatri
Official Site: www.casomai.it

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