I Cento Passi (One Hundred Steps)

I Cento Passi (One Hundred Steps) Movie Poster

Born in the coastal city of Cinisi, Sicilien Peppino Impastato’s family is connected to the mafia. Since his youth, he has seen many of his family members die in tragic circumstances, including his uncle Cesare, once an influential mafia member. His father would like him to become a member of the underworld as well, but Peppino is more attracted by the socialist spirit of the 1960s. When he becomes of age, he forms friendships with communists who run an alternative radio station, Radio Aut, where he openly opposes the strength of the local mafia. His attacks are especially aimed at the godfather, Tano Badalamenti, who lives within one hundred steps of the Impasto’s house. Although his father wants him to keep his opinions to himself, Peppino’s mother and brother silently support him.

Director: Marco Tullio Giordana
Producer(s): Fabrizio Mosca
Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Luigi Maria Burruano, Lucia Sardo, Paolo Briguglia, Tony Sperandeo, Andrea Tidona
Writer(s): Claudio Fava, Marco Tullio Giordana, Monica Zapelli
Official Site: www.thehundredsteps.com

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