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I Called Him Morgan - Official Trailer

435 Views | 1:47 | Uploaded on Apr 04, 2017

The official trailer for I Called Him Morgan opens on a snowy scene of New York in 1972 as a gentle radio voice introduces a new song from Lee Morgan. A headline states Jazzman Lee Morgan was shot and killed at a jazz club after an argument with his wife. Interviews with those who knew Lee and his wife Helen are shown. One says he was surprised because the couple was always together, always relatable. Helen Morgan is heard talking about when he showed up at her door one cold night with no coat, saying he pawned it. Another friend of the couple explains he thought Helen was “super” and that she was not afraid of being with a man who was so unstable. Others say they were angry upon learning of Lee’s death at the hands of his wife because she was also the woman who took him in and helped him to function again as a person.      

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