House On Haunted Hill

House On Haunted Hill Movie Poster

This remake of the 1958 version of the same name stars Geoffery Rush as Steven Price, an eccentric tycoon. Assuming he is fulfilling his wife's (Famke Janssen) wishes, he plans her birthday at the vacated Vanacutt Psychiatric Insitute for the Criminally Insane known for its horrifying medical experiments.

He offers his guests $1 million each if they can survive the night. Determined to scare them away, Price rigs the house with pranks. However the antics all become insignificant when the horrors of the house come to life on their own.
Director: William Malone
Studio: Warner Bros.
Producer(s): Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Geoffrey Rush, Taye Diggs, Famke Janssen, Chris Kattan, Ali Larter, Bridgette Wilson, Peter Gallagher, Lisa Loeb
Writer(s): Dick Beebe
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