Home Minister

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Venu Venkatraman is an intelligent, highly respected Home Minister and he is known for his simplicity and Mr.Clean reputation. He has 2 grown up children and his wife is a homemaker.

His only weakness is his obsession for his young secret mistress Amber Abraham, a journalist based at Melbourne in Australia.Venu Venkatraman arrives at Chennai for an International Peace Conference.

He gets a text message on his mobile in the night stating that his secret mistress was abducted in Melbourne, The abductors never wanted any ransom but insisted him to meet them near Chennai in the morning before the conference.Venu sets out in the morning to meet them, but to his amazement, God encounters him on the way.

God speaks out his mind on various global issues and Venu too shares his own views. The God talks about certain reform measures to turn around the mankind and at the end ask Venu to present all these in the peace conference. It's revealed that the abduction drama was played only by the God for the purpose of a free wheel discussion with Venu.

The film ends with Venu's speech in the conference.

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