Hollywood, I'm Sleeping Over Tonight (J'irai dormir a Hollywood)

Hollywood, I'm Sleeping Over Tonight (J'irai dormir a Hollywood) Movie Poster

French comic and filmmaker Antoine de Maximy visits America and offers his own unique perspective on the people he meets in this witty documentary.

Serving as his own one-man camera crew (with a special camera rig that allows his to shoot from two different angles at once), de Maximy arrives on the East Coast and makes his way to California by train, by bus and by hitchhiking.

Hoping to meet ordinary people rather than V.I.P.'s or folks in the film business, de Maximy avoids upscale neighborhoods and knocks on the doors of random strangers in each city where he lands, asks if they'd be willing to put him up for the night. A surprising number say yes, and de Maximy's film includes interviews with some of the characters he met who also reveal a generous and down-to-earth side to America that's both funny and moving. J'irai dormir a Hollywood (aka Hollywood, I'm Sleeping Over Tonight) was the first theatrical feature from Antoine de Maximy, who is a popular television personality in his native France.

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