Hold on to Your Hat!

Hold on to Your Hat! Movie Poster
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1h 38m | Comedy

Sam lives with his mother in a Native community in the Abitibi region. His girlfriend, Migona, a student living near Qu├ębec City is a 10 hour drive away. The young Native decides to visit his girlfriend. Along the way, a young Russian woman named Tania hides in the back of his truck. Fleeing from a gang who wants to force her into prostitution, Tania convinces Sam to help her get away. What was once a simple road trip has now become a high speed chase Sam will never forget.

Director: Denis Boivin
Studio: Domino Film
Producer(s): Denis Boivin
Cast: Wally Alexis Cheezo, Ioulia Volkova, Brenda Papatie, Serik Medetbekov, Alexandre Goriatchkine
Writer(s): Denis Boivin, Anastasia Bourlakova
Official Site: www.dominofilm.ca/dominoeng/cat_holdon.htm

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