Her Name is Sabine

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1h 25m | Documentary

When Messaoud’s mother becomes terminally ill, his father, who works long hours in a factory, decides to put his two sons in foster care. Abdel, the older brother, is sent to work on a farm, but nine-year-old Messaoud is taken in by George and Gisele, a childless couple living in the Berry region.

The War of Algeria, which is going full force at the beginning of the 1960s, divides France. Gisele decides to hide Messaoud’s Arab origins from her neighbors, and more specifically from her husband, a racist former soldier. Renamed Michel, or Michou, his hair dyed blond, the child quickly steals their hearts. But secrecy is always risky.

Director: Sandrine Bonnaire
Studio: FunFilm
Cast: Sabine Bonnaire
Writer(s): Sandrine Bonnaire
Official Site: www.michoudauber-lefilm.com

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