Hello, My Name Is Frank

Hello, My Name Is Frank Movie Poster

Frank suffers from a rare but severe form of Tourette's--his uncontrollable tics and profane outbursts surface at all the wrong times. After a childhood filled with ridicule and cruelty, Frank becomes a loner and hires a caretaker to insulate him from the world. Frank's comfortable but lonely life is suddenly shattered when his caretaker dies, leaving Frank with the caretaker's teenage daughter, Laura, who is about to go on a graduation road trip with her girlfriends. After seeing that Frank is despondent, the nurturing Laura drags Frank along on the road trip with her friends.

On their journey, the group meets up with Vinnie, a handsome hitchhiker who invites them to stay in a quaint country farmhouse owned by his Aunt Flossie.

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