Hell On Wheels (2008)

Hell On Wheels  (2008) Movie Poster

Straight from the trenches (make that the rink), Hell on Wheels eyeballs the dizzying clash of athleticism, exhibitionism, ego, politics and business that defines today's roller derby. Back in 2001, a group of young female players on Austin's legendary music scene proved tough-minded, hard-hitting players of another sort when they turned their energies toward resurrecting and revamping a sport whose glory days had long since passed: competitive team roller skating. Sexing it up with plenty of rock-and-roll swagger, they overcame myriad obstacles to usher roller derby into the 21st century -- only to watch their fledgling organization founder amid internal strife. But as two leagues emerged from the rubble, they went on to spark an international roller derby revival -- inspiring the formation of hundreds of clubs all over the world, from New York and Los Angeles to the Cayman Islands and New Zealand (not to mention Edmonton).

Official Site: e-villederby.com

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