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On DVD: August 14, 2012

R | 1h 29m | Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller

The year is 2016 and the sun has turned the world into a scorched and barren wasteland. Any humans who have survived are either extremely resourceful or incredibly violent, if not both. A woman, her friend and her little sister head for the mountains where there is rumored to be a rich water supply. Along the way they meet Tom, a first-rate mechanic, but they begin questioning whether or not they can really trust him. The group is soon lured into an ambush where their real battle for surivival begins.

In German with English subtitles.

Director: Tim Fehlbaum
Studio: Mongrel Media
Producer(s): Gabriele Walther, Thomas Wöbke
Cast: Hannah Herzsprung, Stipe Erceg, Angela Winkler, Lars Eidinger, Michael Kranz
Writer(s): Tim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl, Thomas Wöbke

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