Since childhood, Marie has known she will eventually lose her sight before reaching adulthood. She has come to terms with this, but just a few months before her audition to enter a music conservatory, the young cellist needs help to see clearly. Her classmate Victor is experiencing learning difficulties, so when Mary suggests that she help him with his homework, Victor seizes the opportunity, not understanding that she needs him to guide her in return.

Things are complicated by the fact that Mary conceals the seriousness of her condition from her parents, fearing that her overprotective father will send her to an institute for the blind.

Director: Michel Boujenah
Studio: AZ Films
Producer(s): Ariel Zeitoun, Sidonie Dumas
Cast: Alix Vaillot, Jean-Stan Du Pac, Charles Berling, Pascal Elbé, Antoine Khorsand, Illan Levi, Noah Levi, Vincent Taloche
Writer(s): Michel Boujenah, Alfred Lot
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