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Growing Up Smith - Official Trailer

299 Views | 1:48 | Uploaded on Apr 05, 2017

In the official trailer for Growing Up Smith a man reminisces about how his father picked a wife for him when he was 10 after they had moved to America, but that he was in love with the girl next door, Amy Brunner (Brighton Sharbino). The boy, named Smith (Roni Akurati), is told by his older sister that he should talk to the young girl instead of watching her from afar. To continue their adjustment to the American way of life, Smith’s family invites Amy and her parents over for dinner, where it seems it’s a bit of an adjustment for their family as well. Smith begins spending more time with his neighbors, even joining his crush’s father on a hunting trip. As Smith and the young girl grow to become close friends, he learns her parents are splitting up and tries to do whatever he can to keep from the losing the girl of his dreams. 

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