Great New Jersey Coastal Storms

Great New Jersey Coastal Storms Movie Poster

Think of severe coastal weather and places like North Carolina and Florida usually come to mind. In truth, New Jersey's 123 miles of sandy beaches have hosted some of histories most destructive storms. From the winter storms of 1914 through 1976's Hurricane Belle to the howling northeaster of December 1992 this documentary examines all of the big ones.

Special emphasis is given to the most severe of these events; the hurricanes of 1938, 1944 and The Great Atlantic Storm of 1962. The fury of the sea is captured here in rare movies, videotapes, photographs, vintage newsreels, government films and satellite imagery that all graphically reveal what these events were really like.

Also included, are eyewitness accounts from individuals who were there; emergency personnel and everyday people alike whose stories of heroism, tragedy and sheer terror bring home the impact of these great storms.

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